Emmerdale spoilers: Jacob Gallagher FIGHTS for his LIFE

In Monday’s episode of Emmerdale (ITV, 7.30pm; check our TV Guide for a complete listing), Victoria Sugden puts Jacob Gallagher in grave danger.

Leyla, Victoria, and Suni are preparing for a tasting event at the Hide.

However, when Vic has to hurriedly prepare some extra snacks, she accidentally tells Jacob, who suffers from nut allergies, that he is able to partake.

Jacob, a medical student, is swiftly floored by a violent reaction.

Vic scrambles around in a panic, trying urgently to find Jake’s EpiPen to stop the response as his mother Leyla panics.

The horrified chef runs out to find it as soon as Jacob manages to say that he has one in his car. Will Vic discover it in time to save the boy belonging to David and Leyla?

In the cafe, Cathy discusses her PMDD with Amelia and shares the drastic plan she’s coming up with to treat the illness that’s affecting her daily life.

Sam is getting ready to go to Ireland at the home of the Dingles. But he dreads leaving Lydia without first resolving their issues. He tries to reach out to Lydia because he is perplexed by the distance that has developed between them, but she just cannot.

Lydia closes up and tries to swallow the grief she’s feeling in the wake of Craig’s attack because she can’t let Sam in and she’s concerned about how the dreadful truth will damage her family. Will she ever be able to explain to him what actually occurred with Craig and why everything she holds dear is crumbling around her?

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