Emmerdale spoilers: Harriet makes a dangerous mistake as she declares love for Kim’s fiancé

Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton) is frantic for Will (Dignitary Andrews) to see the light and trench Kim Tate (Claire Lord) before they marry, yet would she say she is placing herself at risk by allowing her heart to administer her head?

Kim isn’t one to share her things, especially her men, and Harriet realizes this very much well. Yet, her fixation on Will is making her foolish and putting her desire in front of her own wellbeing. She understands what Kim is prepared to do, but she actually seeks after the Home Ranch female authority’s man.

In decency to the previous vicar she has endeavored to continue on by hitting up a relationship with Dan (Liam Fox). The fresh insight about this relationship at last hits Will, who is stunned when he learns Harriet is presently not single. Could this be sufficient to turn his head?

Harriet trusts in Wendy (Susan Cookson) that she’s actually got it terrible for Will, however Wendy attempts to persuade her to stay with the way she’s on – Dan is a hero and will treat her well.

In any case, does she need a hero? With additional individuals knowing the mystery of Harriet’s sentiments, it’s inevitable before it returns to Kim – particularly assuming that Dan finds out. It’s impossible that he’d hush up about that beast assuming he winds up grief stricken.

The Stag and Hen dos roll around and Lydia (Karen Blick) is vigorously associated with ensuring Kim’s night is vital.

Yet, when Will accomplishes something that he’ll truly lament, it seems to be the night will be significant for every one of some unacceptable reasons. Harriet is in a risky and weak position, yet might Will save her from the fury of Kim?

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