Emmerdale spoilers: Gail hides major secret as she receives bad news over mystery person

She was identified as a prior love interest of Ryan (James Moore), with whom she swiftly rekindled her relationship. Despite this, there have been some questions.

She has so far shown to be a dreadful kitchen assistant to Marlon (Mark Charnock), who has repeatedly reached his breaking point due to her incompetence, and her generally strange behavior has prompted some questions.

Is there a very significant secret behind it all? There is, for sure.

Her abnormally abrupt behavior toward Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Ryan (James Moore), on what turned out to be a particularly unpleasant date for her, was the first indication. But the nature of that day remained a mystery.

They had been enjoying their romance up until that point, sneaking away for drinks in the middle of her shift.

However, all of that may be destroyed by detonating a bomb. The partnership rapidly gets back on track after dealing with what had triggered her. Things are going well as they leave for another romantic meal out until Gail receives a call. She becomes wary, which is the first warning flag, and when given the chance, she ducks away from Ryan to seize it.

It sounds shadier and shadier by the second as the mysterious call leads her to meet a desperate woman named Sophie in an allotment.

Sophie arrives with horrible news; she tells Gail something negative about Oscar, and whatever this information means, it leaves Gail feeling completely frightened.

However, Gail does not want Ryan to know who Oscar is, which is even another huge red flag. Who or what is Gail trying to hide?

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