Emmerdale spoilers: Gabby Thomas faces social services investigation over Thomas incident

Amelia Spencer, a teen from the community, has provided some assistance to single mother Gabby Thomas.

The following week in Emmerdale, social services are called in when the youngster endangers tiny Thomas.

Amelia Spencer has been preoccupied with how she looks and has started ingesting a risky weight growth syrup with unsettling side effects.

Amelia’s latest habit has a detrimental effect on her babysitting at Home Farm because she’s about to imperil the life of infant Thomas Tate following week after collapsing in front of some other teenagers and brushing off concerns.

Gabby, Thomas’ mother, may suffer painful consequences.

When a confused Amelia informs frightened Harriet Finch that Thomas fell from his high chair, the small boy is transported to the hospital.

Amelia is overcome with remorse when Gabby soon joins them in the hospital, and she learns the truth from Lucas Taylor.

Amelia started feeling queasy and lightheaded while watching the kids.

She ultimately lost consciousness while holding baby Thomas and dropped him as a result.

When Kim Tate (Claire King) learns this, she calls Amelia out for lying and bombards her with inquiries concerning her blackout.

Amelia approaches to her father-figure Dan Spencer in a state of overwhelm and informs him that she has been taking a weight gain syrup she purchased online.

Amelia consents to a medical examination to determine whether an underlying ailment might be the source of her fainting spells.

Dan lets out a sob once she leaves the room.

However, after baby Thomas’s accident at Home Farm, Gabby’s problems reach a boiling point.

The young mother is visibly upset with Amelia for endangering her son and worried that Social Services, who have been informed of the tragedy, will pay her a visit.

Amelia has been seeing Noah Dingle in jail, which has made things worse.

Amelia successfully intercepted a visitation request from Noah that was intended for Gabby after it was initially turned down by the perverse teenager.

The following week, Lydia Dingle also gives Dan a heads-up that Amelia has been seeing someone, and when Dan asks her about it as she and Noah become closer, Lydia is shocked.

Could the attraction she feels for Noah cause her further problems?

Will Amelia cause Gabby to lose her son?

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