Emmerdale spoilers: Furious Nicola to get rid of Bernice for good in crime drama

Coming soon to Emmerdale comes a mystery: Samantha Giles’s character Bernice Blackstock (where is she?)?

After it was discovered that the co-owner of the B&B had been accruing enormous debt, she disappeared from the hamlet.

Bernice has tried to elevate the B&B to the status of the most fashionable boutique destination in the Dales with her sophisticated preferences, but that type of sophistication comes at a price. Her spending on scented candles alone has been extraordinary. In the meantime, suppliers haven’t been paid, as Bob (Tony Audenshaw) is going to learn.

Bernice borrowed twenty thousand pounds out of desperation and registered it under her sister, Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler).

Debt collectors showed up to take control of the Kings’ belongings when she was unable to make the installments, which infuriated the lending firm.

Bernice disappears, leaving no one to know where she is, instead of accepting the chaos she has made.

Well, do they? The moment Nicola sees that Cathy (Gabrielle Dowling) is attempting to be casual, she becomes suspicious.

Cathy is assisting a scared Bernice who is holed up at Brook Cottage, so she has good reason to be skeptical as well. She worries that she might end up in jail if Nicola reports her to the authorities.

Even though Bernice hides behind closed curtains, Cathy briefs her on events in the hamlet, and soon enough, Nicola discovers her whereabouts.

As Bernice finds herself cornered, her sister prevents her from fleeing. Now that everything has happened, she must finally confront Nicola.

Her justifications and apologies don’t sway Nicola; she won’t back down and will report Bernice to the authorities for taking out a phony loan.

If Bernice accepts the offer that Nicola makes to her, there is only one way out. Bernice, will she accept and avoid going to jail?

We know that this is Samantha Giles’s last episode as the actress is leaving to focus on other projects, regardless of what Bernice decides or what Nicola has in mind.

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