Emmerdale spoilers for April 12 2023: Chas kisses Paddy and Kim susses Caleb

The cunning Caleb Milligan (William Ash) continues to try to mislead Kim Tate (Claire King) in tonight’s episode of Emmerdale (Wednesday, April 12), while also reassuring Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) about their night together.

Caleb and Leyla ultimately succumbed into romance shortly after Caleb ferociously protected her against her stalker. Their connection has been electric.

But now that it’s morning after the previous evening, Leyla wonders if she made the right decision.

Are they compatible, and how does Caleb feel in his heart? Have they gone too quickly?

When she confides in Caleb about her anxieties, he is eager to soothe her and assures her that he really does want to spend time with her.

Given the deception he is engaging in elsewhere, it is unclear whether he is being sincere.

He keeps tricking Kim at Home Farm in secret because he wants to get even after being exposed to the audience as the late Frank Tate’s son.

Although it appears to be working, Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) has remained unconvinced, and this evening he warns his wife once more.

Will thinks he has done enough as it appears it could be finally getting through before she puts pen to paper.

Has Kim learned the truth, and if so, will she stop Caleb’s plans?

Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt), seeing that Eve isn’t having much success, is eager to spend more time with her elsewhere.

Paddy offers to spend some time with Chas and Eve as family because he recognizes the effects of his absence.

Chas observes Paddy reading to Eve while she is delighted to see her family together.

Chas melts into Paddy’s arms as he hugs her, and the two of them kiss.

However, Eve calls down, and they both immediately draw away, interrupting the encounter.

Will they regret their moment of passion like Leyla did? Or is this the start of them coming back together?

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