Emmerdale spoilers: Faith makes heartbreaking pledge to Sarah ahead of her death

In advance of Sarah’s passing, Faith makes a painful promise to her, according to Emmerdale spoilers.

Faith is determined to enjoy the brief time she has left and not let her diagnosis ruin it as her life progressively draws to an end.

What will she do with her last few days in the Dales, though?

Emmerdale spoilers: Faith promises Sarah a painful thing

Faith recently took the difficult decision to cease receiving chemotherapy after being told that she had terminal breast cancer.

Faith makes the decision to stop worrying about how the treatment is making her feel so she may enjoy the remainder of her life.

Before she passes away, she is determined to live life to the fullest and do things her way.

The rest of the town has also embraced Faith’s choice and acknowledged that she doesn’t have long to live.

Even her son Cain decided to make amends with her last week, as we witnessed.

Chas urged Cain to make amends with his mother Faith and say what he needed to say while she was still alive after learning that she was discontinuing her treatment.

He genuinely admitted to Faith that he doesn’t want her to pass away just yet, and he even extended an offer of help.

Faith makes a promise about how she intends to spend the remainder of her prime time on Emmerdale the following week.

She acknowledges wanting to cherish the few time she has left with her granddaughter Sarah.

Sarah agrees to join her grandmother on this crazy adventure, and the two make a commitment to make the most of their time together.

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