Emmerdale spoilers: Faith Dingle steals mystery bag from her ex

Faith Dingle won’t be afraid to cause trouble before she passes away because she has not long to live.

Next week, Sally Dexter’s veteran character from Emmerdale goes to considerable measures to steal from one of her former colleagues.

Faith Dingle, who has been told that she has terminal cancer, has made it clear that she will spend her final moments as fully and without chemo as she desires.

This entails recovering something important to her from an ex-boyfriend, even if it puts her in legal trouble.

Coming up, Chas is suspicious when she observes Nate Robinson leaving with her mother while she is dressed up (Jurell Carter).

When Nate inquires about their plans, Faith refuses to disclose anything.

But ultimately she confesses and tells how she intends to reclaim something from her stepdaughter’s house. as they converse in front of an unnamed residence.

Despite his misgivings, Faith manages to blag her way inside Angus’ house, making Nate feel even more uncomfortable.

However, he quickly realizes who Faith truly is and orders her to leave.

Nate is frustrated by his mysterious grandma, but Faith takes it in stride and promises to return for what is rightfully hers.

The next day, Nate brazenly declines to assist Faith in carrying out her plan to return to Angus’.

Again, Faith doesn’t let this stand in her way as she departs in his vehicle.

When Faith appears at Angus’ house dressed as a real estate agent and claims to be a photographer, Angus is taken aback.

Unable to recognize her behind the blonde wig and spectacles, he opens the door for her.

Soon Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Nate arrive to help her, and when they witness Faith dashing out of Angus’ with a stolen bag, they can’t believe their eyes.

But when Angus recognizes Nate from the day before and realizes the thief must be Faith, the game is up.

When Faith considers a successful day’s work, Chas, Nate, and Cain are pleased with the box of memories she has recovered.

The group erupts in laughter as Cain and Chas recall their youth while looking through Faith’s box.

Could the law catch up to Faith as she celebrates?

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