Emmerdale spoilers: ‘Explosive’ exit for Andrea Tate as Anna Nightingale promises huge material

As her character Andrea Tate walks out in time for the actor to go on maternity leave, Anna Nightingale has teased some enormous and “explosive” Emmerdale moments ahead.

The actress is expecting her second child with Daren Dixon, her fiancé. Autumn, her daughter, is already her mother.

This implies Andrea will be leaving the Dales in the future — at least for the time being.

However, Anna has promised huge stories in the run-up to the departure, so it doesn’t appear to be a quiet affair.

She said to OK! : ‘I can’t say too much because I don’t want to give too much away, but fans should be on the lookout because there’s some explosive stuff coming up!’

There will be a lot of drama before I get to birth this baby. ‘All I can say is watch this space!’

She did, however, imply that her departure would not be permanent, stating that she is as pleased as she has ever been on the show.

‘I love it there!’ she said with a smile. Because Andrea has so much depth and complexity, it feels like you’re doing 15 jobs at once. She’s an incredible character to play.’

Since arriving in the hamlet, she’s had a tumultuous time, with her marriage to Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) falling apart and a war with Kim (Claire King) erupting.

Andrea is currently embroiled in a custody battle with her demonic mother-in-law for Millie.

And things could get a lot nastier, because Kim rarely quits up a fight until she has won.

Will she be the one to orchestrate Andrea’s departure?

Will Andrea whisk Millie away into the sunset, leaving Kim fuming?

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