Emmerdale spoilers: Eric feared dead after violent showdown with cash desperate Sam

Next week on the ITV soap Emmerdale, two characters engage in a violent altercation as tempers rise in the Dales.

The fight occurs when Sam (James Hooten), who is in a desperate state, tries to come up with a solution to the Dingle family’s financial problems in Emmerdale.

After having to spend a lot of money fixing their home’s broken boiler, Sam has been scrambling to find extra money so he can assist his granddaughter Esther.

Sam tries to come up with a method to get extra money because he feels helpless that he can’t support the baby.

Samson, his son and the baby’s father, is attempting to deprive his daughter of money by tricking Noah (Jack Downham) out of his trust fund.

According to ITV spoilers, Sam will come up with a money-making plan the next week and will discuss it with Cain ( Jeff Hordley ).

He considers raising Dan’s (Sam Fox) compensation, but tight-fisted Cain flatly declines when he makes the suggestion.

Instead, he advises Sam to become a little more resourceful while hunting for money and to accept the reality that he is a Dingle.

His advice launches a disastrous chain of events, as Sam takes Cain’s nudge and runs with it in subsequent scenes.

He chooses to try his luck in the business after deciding that the Dingle approach would be to take what he needs if he can’t afford it.

As he steals a number of baby supplies, he creates a diversion for Pollard (Chris Chittell), but when Pollard grows suspicious, Sam, who is inexperienced at committing crimes, panics and runs away.

Pollard is not about to let a Dingle steal his produce, so he sets off after a desperate Sam. However, in his eagerness to apprehend the thief, Pollard trips and suffers a brain injury.

Sam is left with a sense of impending doom at what he’s just done as he stares at an unconscious Pollard. Eric, are you going to be okay? And what consequences might Sam now experience?

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