Emmerdale spoilers: Dead body found as sinister mystery unfolds amid B&B relaunch

Fans of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale are in for a shocking death as a body is discovered on the Dales.

Next week’s plot will continue Bob and Bernice’s efforts to transform the B&B under new management.

The two, who are naturally scared, discover a dead body, giving them the shock of their lives.

According to ITV spoilers, the plot starts with Bob feeling depressed when Bernice confirms that a harpist, who she obviously has taken a shine to, will be their act for the B&B’s opening night.

Due to her persistent hormonal issues with her heavy periods, Cathy snaps at Bob and becomes indignant when he recommends she stay somewhere else for the B&B’s opening.

The plot picks up the next day when Cathy accidently ruins the cake Marlon had brought over for the special occasion.

As a more sympathetic Bernice tries to reassure Cathy, Cathy exits in tears, feeling humiliated by the turn of events, leaving her dad once more completely bewildered.

To relieve her stress, she offers her an amethyst pendant, but when Cathy tries to apologize to Bob, she loses her temper once more.

When Bob says he would rather she stay away from the B&B, Cathy becomes enraged and crushes the amethyst pendant with her foot.

Cathy breaks down in tears of confusion because she just doesn’t know why she’s feeling this way.

After spending the night with Tim the harpist, Bernice awakens blissfully in the B&B bedroom when the ITV soap’s scenes start up on the day of the B&B’s great re-opening.

Untidy Bernice stands in for her when she is absent with an irate Bob after realizing she has significantly overslept.

Tim the harpist doesn’t show up, but Bernice fills in for him while Bob and Bernice nervously await their first guests that afternoon at the B&B.

The horrifying news from Bob that he’s discovered Tim the harpist dead interrupts Bernice’s enjoyment of her job as hostess just as the visitors for the re-opening arrive. What might have occurred to him after he left Bernice?

Later, Wendy overhears a chat between Bob and Bernice and is shocked to learn that the two had slept together.

When Bob knocks on Wendy’s door, she accuses him of having an affair with Bernice, shocking Bob.

She pours icy water down on him from an upper floor window. When a sopping wet Bob shows up at the B&B, Bernice is perplexed.

She is horrified by the claim that Wendy had an affair with Bob, but since she thinks Wendy might be going through the menopause, she quickly comes up with a plan to step in as Cathy arrives to talk to Bob.

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