Emmerdale spoilers: Dawn Taylor rocked as she discovers who Clemmie’s father is

After her mother passed away, social services removed LITTLE Clemmie.

However, Dawn Taylor is about to have a shock when she learns who the girl’s father is in Emmerdale the following week.

Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley), who was prepared to care for Clemmie on her own, had no choice but to come to terms with the fact that she wouldn’t be remaining with her.

Clemmie was taken away by social services when Harriet Finch requested it so she could start again with a new family.

The following week, Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) will be concerned to see that his daughter has not yet recovered from losing Clemmie.

Soon after, he advises her to call social services to inquire about the child, and Dawn is resolved to heed his counsel.

In subsequent scenes, Dawn surprises her husband Billy Fletcher by revealing that she is aware of Alex, her ex-partner, as Clemmie’s biological father.

This implies that Alex, who also happens to be the father of her son Lucas, was with Beth while they were dating.

Dawn is incensed by the betrayal, but the next day, she comes to terms with Alex’s adultery since she believes Clemmie and Lucas belong together.

Dawn, who is crying, is astonished when Billy tells her that he called social services and they requested custody of Clemmie.

Dawn is surprised by this because Billy was the one who first suggested giving Clemmie to social services, and she is appreciative of his change of heart.

Dawn’s expectations are dashed, though, when social services make it plain that Alex’s permission is required in order to obtain custody of Clemmie.

Dawn recognizes Billy’s validity when he insists that they need at the very least make an effort to persuade Alex to give them custody of the young girl.

The following day, the two run see Alex in prison, and he is surprised to learn that they are fully aware of Clemmie.

Billy immediately scolds Alex for his decision after Alex flatly declines to let Dawn and him foster Clemmie.

Dawn is happy when he changes his mind.

But is Alex truly to be trusted given his smug smile?

Or are there any concerns for Billy and Dawn?

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