Emmerdale spoilers: Dan kills Noah after discovering he’s with Amelia?

In Emmerdale, Dan (Liam Fox) is about to receive not one but two bombs. First, he learned that his daughter Amelia (Daisy Campbell), who is dating Noah (Jack Downham), is expecting a child. And his response is poor.

When Amelia takes Noah along for her most recent pregnancy test, the two of them come to terms with their feelings for one another. They briefly experience a bubble of happiness as they begin to see themselves as a family and raising the child together.

Unsurprisingly, Noah has just been freed from prison where he was imprisoned after following Chloe (Jessie Elland) in an unfortunate and terrible attempt to win her over.

Since his relationship with Amelia began to grow when she started paying him visits while he was in jail, we have seen a more sensitive, kinder side of Noah. He appears to have finally realized how appalling his behavior was.

Unfortunately, his reputation hasn’t changed to reflect these adjustments, and the majority of the villagers still view him as a nasty little creep.

Dan is not at all pleased when Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton) tells him that Amelia and Noah were kissing.

The announcement of Amelia’s pregnancy is then made at the prom, which is where everything begins. Daisy Campbell gave us a description of the scene:

Despite not really feeling like going because she doesn’t want to expose the bump in the dress, Amelia attends the prom.

Then, as a result of Noah saying something to someone else, they end up fighting.

Amelia really feels terrible, but she also feels like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders. It ends up producing conflict between Noah and Amelia, and many of people show up at the village hall where we are starting.

Amelia might be relieved, but Dan is outraged and attacks Noah in a vicious manner. Will he ultimately injure people significantly, or worse?

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