Emmerdale spoilers: Dan ‘gobsmacked’ by devastating confession from Amelia

Currently, Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) is unaware of Amelia’s (Daisy Campbell) struggles with body confidence in Emmerdale.

The young teen has recently been consuming weight-gaining syrup because she believes that by changing the way she looks, her social media following will increase.

Amelia’s diet change has had a detrimental effect on her because she’s already passed out and had her vision clouded.

Amelia’s situation changes this week when she gets into problems after dropping baby Thomas.

Liam Fox recently revealed how his character responds when Amelia is forced to tell her dad what she has been through:

“He’s stunned! He has no knowledge of this syrup for weight gain. He is in disbelief and perhaps even a little disappointed in her.

She doesn’t express herself explicitly, but remarks about her body image and inadequacy are made.

Dan is increasingly conscious of Amelia’s dissatisfaction with her appearance and how she feels about herself, but he still finds it difficult to comprehend.

Dan has a hard time processing Amelia’s news and immediately places the responsibility on himself.

Any parent would take the blame, says Liam. Despite what you might want to believe, Dan is primarily more concerned with Amelia. He speaks with Bob and Kerry about the situation and advises her to seek counseling as well.

Liam hinted at what was to come, saying, “It’s going to get really fascinating shortly.” I’m enjoying the filming right now; it’s great stuff!

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