Emmerdale spoilers: Chloe mystery visitor during birth, wedding drama and Chas heartache

Viewers of the iconic ITV soap opera Emmerdale are in for another rough week as things are ready to become heated.

According to Emmerdale rumors, things will change unexpectedly for Charity Dingle and Mackenzie Boyd before their eagerly awaited nuptials.

Charity and Mack decide to surprise one other with a ride in an A-Team-inspired van before their wedding, but when PC Swirling discovers them, the two find up spending the night in jail.

Will they be able to arrive on time for their wedding?

Chloe Harris is getting ready for the birth of her child in the midst of wedding preparations.

In another instance, Paddy and Chas Dingle discuss their separation, with Paddy putting the notion to a hurt Chas.

Charity and Moira clash

Charity has a lightbulb moment when Moira plays a slideshow of pictures of Mackenzie and she notices a reference to the iconic television series the A-Team.

Rumble in the haystack

But not until a fight between the two results in Charity pushing Moira into a haystack.

Flying accusations

While looking among the hay for the bridal rings, Moira is in a panic. Charity, however, is once more overcome by anxiety as she claims Moira planned to ruin the wedding.

A-Team van

The next day, Moira presents the rings to a delighted Charity. When Moira also tells Mackenzie what Charity wanted to give him, an A-Team van replica, he is left speechless.

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