Emmerdale spoilers: Chloe baby loss fears, Kyle prison twist and tense feud erupts

As tensions in the village start to rise, ITV’s Emmerdale will start the New Year off strong.

Spoilers for Emmerdale state that when an expecting Chloe Harris collapses, Mackenzie Boyd starts to feel uneasy.

When his fiancée Charity Dingle agrees to let Chloe live into their house, he is terrified even though he secretly wants to help her.

When the police summon Moira Barton and others for questioning surrounding the killing of Al Chapman, she is not in a good place.

Will Kyle Winchester release the secret, though?

When Rhona Dingle is compelled to speak with Naomi Walters, the situation becomes more tense for her.

Chloe baby loss fears

When Sarah shows up and tells Mackenzie that Chloe has collapsed and is being taken to the hospital, Mackenzie becomes tense.

Chloe is shocked when Sarah agrees to accompany Mack and Charity to the hospital. While there, Mackenzie’s guilt grows as he hears about the struggles Chloe has had.

In a private time with Chloe, Mackenzie tries to reassure her that, despite his circumstances, he will do everything in his power to support her and the child.

The next day, when his friend Nate indicates that Mackenzie could desire more from his child with Chloe than he’s currently letting on, Mackenzie displays signs of resistance.

While Sarah obstinately arranges an escape for Chloe, Charity wonders what is going on.

When Charity and Sarah offer to take Chloe home with them, she becomes anxious as she prepares to leave the hospital.

When Chloe tries to back out of moving in with them, Charity and Sarah are adamant about it, and before long, Mack finds it difficult to disguise his panic when he discovers Chloe has moved in.

When everything becomes too near for comfort, Mackenzie tries his best to kick Chloe out of the house. Will his efforts succeed now that the situation is so delicate?

Kyle prison twist

Amy is approached by a police officer, who makes her feel more worried.

At Jacobs Fold, her brother Mackenzie is worried when the police want to take him to the station to answer some questions as well. At Butler’s Farm, Moira is also confronted by the police.

While being questioned by DS Malik about her trip away with Kyle, Moira maintains her account in the police interview room.

DS Malik presses Mack for details on Kyle during their interview, but Mack refuses to provide any.

While Amy’s police interview is still going on, she is anxiously trying to stay on the line.

An anxious is When DS Malik warns Matty about the dire repercussions of obstructing the administration of justice, Matty is alarmed as well.

After an intense afternoon of questioning at the police station, Matty, Moira, Amy, and Mackenzie later reunite at Butler’s Farm.

When they quickly realize how high the stakes are for everyone and the potential consequences they could all face, the pressure starts to build.

The next day, Moira’s concerns regarding Caleb’s involvement in Kyle’s case are still present.

Despite being aware of how serious the situation is, Caleb becomes defensive when Amy and Moira challenge his approach and his plans.

When Cain schedules a call for that afternoon, Moira is happy to be back on speaking terms.

However, when DS Malik shows up at Butlers to bring a tense Kyle back in for more questioning, things soon turn bad as Kyle reiterates that he killed Al.

Tense feud

There is still tension between Naomi and Rhona when she is late for work at the Woolpack.

As April and Marshall argue, Marshall enters the cafe. As a result of their argument, Marshall is punched by April.

But when Rhona learns that April hasn’t only struck someone, but has also gone and had a piercing in secret, things get even worse for her.

Rhona begins to worry about Naomi’s negative impact on April while Nicola is in her ear, and she soon feels compelled to confront Naomi about this influence.

When Marlon doesn’t support Rhona during their physical struggle over their disagreement, Rhona is furious.

The following day, Rhona arranges an unexpected 80s-themed party in an effort to reconcile with April.

But Naomi is left dreading what’s in store for her when she finds Charity interrogating Rhona about her when she gets there.

Charles is upset when Naomi informs him that she has been sacked from the Woolpack.

Rhona is left to consider her options as April reveals to her and Marlon that the belly button piercing was her idea.

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