Emmerdale spoilers: Chas and Al caught out at last!

According to Emmerdale spoilers for the upcoming episode, Chas and Al are seen making out outside The Woolpack as their relationship intensifies.

Al consents to marry Kerry, but he assures Chas that he has feelings only for her.

Someone catches them in the act of kissing.

Who, according to next week’s Emmerdale spoilers, catches them kissing and rumbles them?

Al and Chas want to start afresh

Al and Chas’ relationship become serious recently.

Al and Chas shared a bed on a getaway night at a cottage. Al and Chas were having a serious talk when Al admitted his love.

Chas was initially startled and hurried off to check on Eve, but when Al subsequently reiterated his sentiments, she was enamored.

She then realized she also loved him.

The following week, things become more serious because Al wants them to get married.

He advises them to flee together and begin a new life.

Chas enthusiastically concurs.

Al begins to for a home for them both as a result.

Will the duo start over and leave their lives behind?

Someone rumbles Chas and Al in Emmerdale spoilers

Then, Kerry surprises Al by popping the question.

She mistakenly believed that Al was buying her a home.

She wants to make plans for their future after that.

She has no idea that Al was truly considering leaving her.

Chas watches in dread as Al consents to marry Kerry as she tries to disguise her anger.

Later, Chas makes amends to Al, which is followed by a kiss.

However, when someone catches them in the act, they immediately stare on in horror.

Who disturbs them?

Will Kerry learn the real story behind Al and Chas?

Or have they been fooled by someone else? Paddy? Aaron’s return? Faith?

Will they maintain Chas’s secrecy?

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