Emmerdale spoilers: Charles left fighting for his life as Naomi arrested for assault

After an argument with Naomi Walters, Emmerdale vicar Charles Anderson will be taken urgently to the hospital the following week.

According to recent ITV teasers, Charles (Kevin Mathurin) and Naomi (Karene Peter) finally share a space when Ethan confides in her and asks for his father’s second chance.

Charles is relieved when Naomi agrees to talk things over with him later at church, but the conversation is anything but calm.

As Manpreet Sharma makes her way to the church, she overhears a dispute and witnesses a furious and irate Naomi yell before walking away.

When Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) enters the church, she is terrified to see Charles comatose on the floor and immediately calls for an ambulance.

Naomi quickly heads back to the chapel as she sees the paramedics arrive.

As Manpreet attends to an unconscious Charles, Harriet Finch watches with concern. When a scared Naomi asks if Charles is okay, Manpreet yells at her to go.

When Ethan arrives and observes Harriet detaining Naomi on grounds of assault, he is unsure of how to interpret the scenario.

Charles is absolutely taken aback when Manpreet compares Naomi’s acts to those of her murderous sister Meena later on at the hospital, where she and Ethan are given an update on the patient’s condition.

Manpreet may be reacting too strongly to the circumstance. Or will the truth about what transpired between Charles and Naomi be revealed, shocking Ethan to his very core?

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