Emmerdale spoilers: Charity baby loss horror, ‘Meena’ returns and sweet reunion

Some Emmerdale residents are ready to have another rocky ride as things are about to get embarrassingly tense.

According to Emmerdale spoilers, Charity Dingle and Mackenzie Boyd’s lives will be completely upended when Charity’s pregnancy proves to be fatal.

Will they be able to endure their suffering together?

Meanwhile, a desperate Charles Anderson is eager to get in touch with Naomi Harris, his daughter.

But when Manpreet Sharma discovers Charles unconscious on the church floor and immediately compares Naomi’s actions to those of serial killer Meena Jutla, things take a bad turn.

Jai Sharma and Laurel Thomas, meantime, decide to get back in touch and take things slowly.

Charity baby loss horror

As he begins to adjust to his new attentive role, Mackenzie is clearly moved by Moira’s praise of him as a wonderful father.

Unbeknownst to him, though, Charity at Jacobs Fold is abruptly struck by a wave of stomach agony, and she immediately worries that the baby may be ill.

Shortly later, Mackenzie walks in and discovers a broken Charity writhing in pain. Mackenzie snatches her up in a fit of panic, but Charity is already crushed because she fears it may be too late.

As they enter the hospital, Mackenzie maintains his upbeat demeanor, but Charity is undoubtedly devastated by his attitude.

A doctor takes the couple to the early pregnancy unit right away while they are still trying to conceal their dread from one another.

As the radiographer leaves to fetch a doctor, Mackenzie and Charity wait for the results, anxious about what’s to follow.

Later, the medical professional declares Charity’s pregnancy to be ectopic and hence unviable.

When Mackenzie and Charity learn the shocking news, they are visibly shocked and heartbroken as they hear the baby’s heartbeat that they will ultimately lose.

Mackenzie and Charity are left on their own to contemplate things, both of them in shock. Charity prepares herself for the future while still reeling from the heartbreaking experience.

As they converse, Charity expresses her gratitude to Mackenzie for his support, but it’s clear that he’s not as in good shape as he seems because he’s devastated about losing his child.

Charity quickly demonstrates that she is coping with the loss of her pregnancy by returning to her regular routine. Will Mackenzie, however, be able to follow suit?

‘Meena’ returns

After Ethan confides in her and pleads for his father Charles’ second opportunity, Naomi’s attitude is impossible to discern.

Charles is relieved when Naomi shows up later at the church and agrees to have a conversation with him.

Manpreet, however, hears a dispute as she approaches the local church and moves closer to the structure.

As soon as Naomi bursts through the doors and starts to walk away, she leaves her speechless.

Manpreet is horrified to see Charles lying unconscious when she walks into the church.

Naomi soon runs over after spotting an ambulance driving approaching the church. While Manpreet attends to an unconscious Charles, Harriet observes with anxiety.

Naomi, who is shaken and perplexed by what has transpired, asks whether Charles is alright but is yelled at by Manpreet to leave them alone.

Ethan arrives on the scene and is unsure of how to handle the issue when Harriet detains Naomi on charges of assaulting Charles.

Manpreet and Ethan learn more about Charles’ health later in the hospital, but Ethan is taken aback when Manpreet compares Naomi’s acts to those of her sister Meena, who is currently in jail for murder.

Sweet reunion

Even though Jai and Laurel’s relationship has been somewhat rocky thus far this year, things may finally be improving for the two.

And it appeared as though Jai was definitely out of the picture given Laurel’s relationship with new boy Kit.

However, Jai and Laurel unexpectedly get back in touch the following week and decide to proceed. They are eager to share their news with the kids as well.

Will the youngsters share their enthusiasm?

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