Emmerdale spoilers: Cathy devastated after she violently explodes at stunned Bob

On Emmerdale, when Cathy (Gabrielle Dowling) revealed that she was experiencing mood swings and heavy periods, Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) recommended the contraceptive pill to help with her hormones.

Cathy must have believed it would put an end to her issues and allow her to resume living normally, but it appears that this is not the case as her violent anger will apparently erupt once more in subsequent episodes.

The event is the B&B’s reopening under Bernice (Samantha Giles) and Bob’s ownership (Tony Audenshaw). Also, as Tony Audenshaw warned us, Bob is concerned that Cathy may experience one of her mood swings and ruin the celebration.

Since you wouldn’t, wouldn’t you, he obviously worries about this opening and doesn’t want her to start right away. said he. Hence, Bob advises that Cathy should be somewhere else throughout the ceremony, much to the annoyance and upset of his daughter.

The following day, Tony revealed the significance of the exquisite cake that Marlon (Mark Charnock) had made especially for the occasion.

He added, “Marlon has worked on this dessert for ages.”

It’s his first since suffering a stroke. Just bringing it in takes work. She just starts ranting about something, completely oblivious of his presence, and wrecks it.

It is kind of a mess because it is so enormous and so much work went into building it. It’s a major deal, so you can’t just say, “It’s okay dear, we get it.

As a result, Bob snaps at his daughter, and Cathy runs away in tears. Bernice is left to attempt to calm her down by giving her an amethyst pendant, which is said to have calming effects.

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