Emmerdale spoilers: Cain’s heartbreak, Mack’s mystery woman and Liv’s marriage trouble

Some Emmerdale inhabitants are poised to experience another rocky week as the Yorkshire Dales are about to experience an awkwardly tense situation.

According to Emmerdale spoilers, tensions are high in the Dingle home as Faith frantically tries to see her grandchildren alone before she passes away.

The devoted matriarch makes the difficult decision to sign up for a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order and assigns Cain the enduring power of attorney while planning a means to spend time with the children.

Will the family be able to reconcile in due course?

In another instance, Liv’s marriage is in jeopardy when her cunning mother Sandra tries to ruin her daughter’s sobriety by having her drink an alcoholic beverage.

As Mack mulls over whether or not to tell his girlfriend Charity about his lie, his hidden relationship with an unnamed woman is eating away at his conscience.

Cain fears for Faith

The devoted grandmother makes it her duty to visit her grandchildren unsupervised as Faith’s terminal sickness worsens.

But when Faith surprises them with a chameleon she stole from the vets, things start to go south.

And after she loses the cold-blooded animal, which inexplicably makes its way to Al at the Woolpack bar, chaos quickly breaks out.

When the chameleon is brought back, Cain and Chas are furious with their mother for defying their desires, but when Faith begs them not to stop her from creating memories with the children before she passes away, their hearts break for her.

When Chas and Cain insist that she is unable to care for their children, Faith is devastated because she believes this is just another item being snatched from her.

She opted to grant Cain the enduring power of attorney after she requested a DNR when all indications indicate that she will hand over control of her life to her children.

Ethan offers counsel to Cain as he completes the power of attorney registration paperwork, but the devoted son is completely taken aback when he shows up at Faith’s residence to talk about her final wishes.

Faith leaps up from the table, brandishes a frying pan, and screams at her kid to run away as she is visibly upset and bewildered to the point that she thinks her son is actually Shadrach.

Will they be able to arrange her last desires before she becomes too sick for medical attention?

Liv’s marriage in danger

Vinny’s “marriage” issues with Liv are brought up at the beginning of the week when Sandra persuades Gabby to talk to Vinny about them. Vinny then opens up about his sex life and admits he has never had sex.

And it’s safe to assume that things get awkward when Liv enters and sees the two chatting awkwardly on the sofa about the delicate subject.

She quickly discovers, however, that Sandra is the mastermind behind the devious scheme as she keeps the pair of childhood sweethearts apart.

At this time, the long-lost mother seizes the chance to covertly replace Liv’s drink with alcohol and informs Terry of her plan to interfere with her sobriety.

When Liv takes her first sip, she understandably recoils, making poor bartender Bob mortified at the strange error that the blonde beauty now worries has allowed her alcoholism to return.

When Vinny discovers that she lied about ingesting the booze, alarm bells start to ring, and the recovered addict is challenged.

Additionally, he is not the only one concerned about Live’s alcohol intake; his mother Mandy also worries about Live, and Sandra keeps feeding her doubts about Live’s alcoholism.

As things start to spiral out of control, Sandra recommends a last-minute trip abroad. Since Liv is unaware of Sandra’s ulterior motives, she agrees to take her summer vacation.

Will she eventually reach rock bottom once more, though?

Love is in the air

As the brunette beauty quickly gathers her belongings and departs, love is in the air for many in the town as Al proclaims his love for Chas after another wild night together.

However, Al is eager to show that his love for her wasn’t just an impulsive decision. As a result, later that day, he reiterates his love for her, which quickly causes Chas to fall head over heels in love with him.

Mack begins to feel bad about his continued relationship with a mysterious woman when he gets a call from her, telling him that their dirty little secret is safe with her.

Mack confides in Nate about his treachery and confesses that he has been having an extramarital affair with Charity. Will he be able to tell the blonde bombshell what he has been doing?

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