Emmerdale spoilers: Cain takes action against scheming Nicky as war is waged

The Dingles of Emmerdale place a strong emphasis on family and will go to great lengths to protect one another if they are mistreated or in jeopardy. However, this does not apply to family members who are disguising their affiliation with the family in order to forward a covert scheme.

When Caleb (William Ash), the long-lost brother Cain (Jeff Hordley) knew he had but pretended he didn’t, showed up in the village during Christmas and expressed an interest in getting to know his family, Cain (Jeff Hordley) was taken aback. The extended Dingle family, which includes Caleb’s sister Chas (Lucy Pargeter), with whom he now shares a home, welcomed him quite swiftly.

The audience is aware that Caleb has a hidden motive to avenge Kim Tate’s (Claire King) involvement in the death of his father Frank Tate by stealing all of her money and material possessions.

He also has a hidden child named Nicky (Lewis Cope), who originally came to Home Farm to care for Thomas but is now taking on the far more difficult role of being Gabby (Rosie Bentham)’s fiancé. By acting as Thomas’s legal guardian, he has the authority to reclaim any of Frank’s property that may now be in Thomas’s name. Whatever it is, it’s something like that; the details are a little hazy.

As far as Caleb is concerned, Nicky is proving to be a bit of a loose cannon and nearly derailed the entire plot when he was discovered attempting to steal an expensive car that Cain was working on. The incident was covered up at the time, but in the episode airing on Tuesday, May 9, we saw that Cain hasn’t forgotten about it and doesn’t have the slightest faith in Nicky.

Cain emerged as Nicky and Gabby were seated in front of the Woolpack. Nicky hesitantly advised finding another location. Gabby was compelled to intervene as long as Cain kept glancing at Nicky. What is your issue, she asked Cain. He responded by calling her out for “mouthing off,” and Nicky told him he needed to learn some manners.

Cain advised him, “And you need to find somewhere else to drink.” You are forbidden. Dingle pub, evidently, rules.

Will Taylor (Dean Andrews), who was incensed upon learning of this, went over to Cain’s garage to give it a shot. In a month, he claimed, he could open a rival garage and drive Cain out of business. He cautioned Cain, “I make a better friend than an enemy.”

Later, Cain told Caleb about how Will had been a drug dealer and ex-con when he first came in the community and that no one would even talk to him until Cain offered him a job. But after being hitched to Kim Tate, he reasoned that “all that money equals power.”

While Caleb reprimanded Cain for his current tendency to deal with issues by using his fists first and asking questions later, Cain indicated he might have to make an exception for Will.

The Home James van he had been working on was then parked in such a way as to block Will and Jimmy’s (Nick Miles) yard access.

Has it been fixed? Will queried.

No, I have not. You must employ a mechanic. Whom do you know? said he.

Will 0 Cain 1. But who will deliver the next blow in their conflict? What impact will their conflict have on Caleb and Nicky’s plans?

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