Emmerdale spoilers: Bob Hope has ANOTHER heart attack?

In the most recent episode of Emmerdale (7:30 pm; see our TV Guide for programming), Tony Audenshaw’s character Bob Hope suffered a heart attack and fell.

Will stressed-out Bob have yet another medical catastrophe on tonight’s DOUBLE AIRING of the ITV soap opera?

Since Cathy, his teenage daughter (Gabrielle Dowling), was formally identified as having PMDD, Bob has been attempting to be helpful.

The disease that has been ruining Cathy’s life this year, however, has not yet been given a treatment option, and this has angered Cathy.

Cathy hurls a garden decoration through the window of the local B&B during an irate outburst!

Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson), Bob’s ex-girlfriend, is pushed to the ground by the irate youngster as she tries to step in and calm Cathy down.

It all becomes too much for Bob, who experiences a twinge of chest pain, as Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sharma) and Bernice Thomas (Samantha Giles) both become involved.

Are Bob’s heart attacks continuing?

Cathy runs away from the situation in the meantime, where she subsequently meets an unexpected person to talk to about her problems.

Yet WHO?

Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) is delighted when her lover, Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb), suggests that they go on a date when she is elsewhere in the village.

Chloe may be questioning why Mack is now putting so much effort into their relationship, but is she really entitled to this question?

She continues to be blissfully ignorant of the fact that Mack recently had a hookup with his ex, Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins)!

Charity is under oath to keep everything a secret, per Mack.

The lovely family life Mackenzie has been establishing with Chloe and their infant boy Reuben over the past four months could be destroyed if the truth is revealed.

Ticking time bombs have this drawback, though.

Either sooner or later, they tend to EXPLODE…

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