Emmerdale spoilers: Baby injured, dying Faith’s decision, teen attack

When Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell), who is babysitting, gets ill and falls, dropping baby Thomas, disaster is about to hit in Emmerdale.

What is the current state of Amelia’s health and how will Gabby (Rosie Bentham) respond?

Additionally, as David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) increases the pressure and Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter) decides how she will spend her last days, Leyla Harding’s (Roxy Shahidi) lies spiral.

July 18th, Monday

Nicola is concerned that her social media post might have sparked a girl’s attack.

Before Jacob leaves for college, David believes Leyla is not supporting him. David is enraged when Leyla flashes money to calm Jacob.

July 19, Tuesday

When Leyla, who is agitated, gets caught doing a line of cocaine, David is shocked. Unimpressed David listens as Leyla tries to explain how she can get out of it.

Dan questions Amelia about her romantic life, and she is horrified.

July 20th, Wednesday

When Vanessa proposes a celebration for Rhona and Marlon’s engagement, she is skeptical. When Rhona brings it up, Marlon also expresses skepticism. Marlon concedes, though he still feels anxious about visiting The Woolpack after his stroke.

Amelia is happy with how close they are after visiting Noah in jail. After that, she covers up her hazy vision.

When Matty discloses that the cocaine that caused her and Jai to break up actually belonged to Suzy, Laurel is astonished. She tries to appease Matty’s resentment of Suzy.

July 21st, Thursday

Amelia fights through severe vertigo and nausea before passing out and dropping baby Thomas. When Harriet arrives, she panics and makes up a story about how the child fell from his high chair.

Marlon and Rhona are already at their engagement party when they arrive. Although everyone applauds when Marlon gets to declare his love for Rhona, is he really as happy as he appears to be?

Later, Vanessa, who is inebriated, stumbles home and finds Suzy waiting for her. Does this indicate that everything is moving again?

Faith is determined to handle things her way and makes the most of the little time she has left. With her grandma, Sarah is game for this crazy ride.

Also today, Charles makes an effort to conceal his anger about Ethan’s message to Naomi. Charles believes that peace is on the horizon.

Jai finally has trouble observing Laurel making out with Kit before they kiss.

July 22nd, Friday

A visit from social services is something Gabby fears. Jai is furious to learn that Kit spent the night with Laurel.

Sandra gleefully collects a tenner tip elsewhere, but she knows she’ll have to be cautious moving forward after Mandy investigates the missing tip money.

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