Emmerdale spoilers: Amelia dies as her weight battle worsens?

According to next week’s Emmerdale spoilers, Amelia’s life is in risk as a result of the weight syrup she’s been taking.

Additionally, her risky behavior puts infant Thomas in grave danger.

On the ITV soap, can anyone assist her?

Amelia passes out.

When Dan learns that Amelia has been seeing someone, the week begins with her feeling uneasy. She squirms and becomes agitated as he questions her about her romantic life.

But she is happy to see that they are getting closer when she visits Noah in jail the next day. Amelia’s vision begins to blur, and it becomes obvious that something is wrong.

Amelia’s nausea and dizziness are becoming worse, and she really shouldn’t be in charge of a baby, so she reluctantly agrees to babysit for Gabby once more.

She struggles, becomes confused, and then collapses while holding Thomas.

She loses the infant.

Will both of them be ok?

Amelia panics when Harriet arrives and reveals that Thomas fell off his high chair.

Amelia feels sick with guilt as Harriet hurriedly transports the infant to the hospital.

Emmerdale spoilers reveal what really happened.

Amelia passed out while holding Thomas, and Kim lost her mind, according to Lucas, who saw the entire incident.

Amelia cracks as the questions about what actually occurred rain down on her. She admits to Dan that she has been using a weight-loss syrup she purchased online.

She complies with his requests to visit the hospital for a checkup.

Dan is inconsolable.

After Amelia has left, he starts crying.

Can someone assist Amelia?

But can he assist her in overcoming her concerns with body image? Or will Amelia take a turn for the worse?

Will she find other ways to alter her appearance now that the syrup’s secret is out?

Already dangerously close to death as a result of this, will she eventually pass away the following time?

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