Emmerdale spoilers – Amelia collapses, baby in danger and Leyla drug shame

Fans of Emmerdale had better fasten their seat belts because next week is going to be another rough trip.

According to Emmerdale spoilers, Amelia Spencer’s health will deteriorate and put her in grave danger.

But when Amelia unexpectedly falls to the ground because of her babysitting responsibilities, Gabby Thomas’ newborn will also be caught in the crossfire.

Will Amelia, however, have the guts to tell her father Dan what happened and the real reason why her health is failing?

Leyla Cavanagh’s addiction is beginning to spiral out of control when David Metcalfe witnesses her attempting to do a line of cocaine on her desk.

Will he reveal everything to Leyla’s husband Liam about what she has been doing?

Amelia collapses and baby danger

Amelia is shocked when Dan asks her about her love life and what she’s been up to after Lydia Dingle informs him that she has been secretly seeing someone without telling him.

Amelia is happy that they are growing closer and that he is starting to open up to her after visiting Noah in jail the next day. But as they talk, her eyesight becomes foggy.

Amelia eventually offers to watch Gabby’s children. Amelia steals a mail from the prison addressed to Gabby when she is visiting Home Farm.

Amelia fights as her nausea and dizziness worsen, eventually falling and dropping tiny baby Thomas on the ground.

But when Harriet gets to Home Farm, she starts to freak out even more, so she hastily makes up a story about how baby fell out of his high chair.

Harriet rushes infant Thomas to the hospital out of concern.

When Gabby shows up at the hospital, Amelia feels stricken with remorse.

However, Lucas, who was also with Gabby at the time of the incident, accuses Amelia of causing the baby to fall to the ground, and Kim’s grandmother is irate that Amelia made up what happened.

Amelia will soon be subjected to a torrent of inquiries regarding her blackout and how she contributed to the baby’s loss.

Soon after, Amelia admits to using a weight-gain syrup she got online and agrees to be examined at the hospital, leaving Dan furious.

Dan is overcome with emotion and begins crying after he has left view.

After Thomas’ unplanned fall the previous day, Gabby starts to worry about a visit from social services, and her resentment of Amelia starts to grow once more.

Leyla caught out

Before Jacob leaves for college, David notices that Leyla has grown fairly preoccupied and begins to worry that she won’t be there for him.

However, she flashes money to Jacob to calm him down, which enrages David even more.

Leyla later comes to regret her coke-fueled kindness in agreeing to pay for Jacob’s university housing costs.

A bit later, Leyla is taken off guard at the Take A Vow office when Kim and Vanessa barrage her with questions. As Leyla stumbles, an enraged Kim immediately fires her as her wedding planner.

When a frazzled Leyla is caught about to do a line of coke at her office, David is astonished.

Leyla tries to talk her way out of it to David, who is obviously not impressed, but is taken aback to see David standing directly behind her.

But as soon as David decides to ask Liam to get her the assistance she requires, she starts to panic.

Leyla begs the shopkeeper David to keep Liam in the dark about her drug use out of desperation.

Leyla, however, makes a desperate attempt to persuade David that she has completely stopped using cocaine when Liam receives a message from him wanting to meet. Will David heed her advice and keep Liam in the dark?

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