Emmerdale spoilers: Al and Chas exit together as they escape the Dales?

It was clear that Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) and Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) couldn’t continue their relationship indefinitely as their affections for one another grew more deep during the course of their romance on Emmerdale.

They would either have to end the relationship by being found out or by one of them, or they would have to find a way to go on.

And it appears that they may decide to choose the latter course of action in subsequent episodes.

Al offers that they leave the town together and begin a new life since he has come to the realization that he won’t be content until he is with Chas permanently.

It’s not simply a passing observation though, as Al begins to organize his finances so he may purchase a home for him and Chas.
Sadly for him, Kerry (Laura Norton) discovers what he’s doing and believes he intends to move in with her. Al feels uncomfortable as she begins to press questions about their potential love nest.

He makes plans to meet Kerry at the Woolpack to break things off with her after telling Chas he will. But Kerry has her own strategy.

Kerry pops the question to Al in front of everyone in the bar, including Chas. in a song. And yes, it is just as embarrassing as it sounds.

What will Al do?

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