Emmerdale spoiler Sandra’s evil plan sees Liv consume alcohol

Scheming In a brand-new Emmerdale preview clip, Sandra (Joanne Mitchell) is intensifying her strategy against daughter Liv (Isobel Steele).

Sandra notices an opportunity when sampling mocktails at the Woolpack when Wendy (Susan Cookson) requests to sample the same beverage with “a drop of rum.” When she is compelled to leave the table to answer a phone call, the plot takes on new form.

Tony Audenshaw’s character, Bob, painstakingly notes which drink contains alcohol as he places them on the table. Bob is a good guy; he constantly looks out for others.

By pulling out her own phone, Sandra diverts Liv’s attention with a cat video before using the occasion to switch the beverages.

Liv takes a sip, then sputters as she realizes the beverage contains alcohol.

Sandra accuses Bob of being to blame as she immediately turns to face him. Bob’s poor.

Sandra appears to be willing to go to ever-greater lengths in order to obtain her goals.

Before taking from the tip jar in the salon, she first stole from Liv and Vinny. When it didn’t work out, she gently attempted to lure Vinny and Gabby together by utilizing Liv’s asexuality.

She is currently focusing on her daughter’s alcoholism.

What level would Sandra be willing to descend to next?

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