Emmerdale spoiler : Moira raging as she discovers Cain is lying to her over secret

When it was revealed that Caleb had been prepared to ruin his sister-in-law Moira’s (Natalie J. Robb) company as part of his plot to exact revenge on Kim Tate (Claire King), it looked as though this moment would never arrive.

In Emmerdale, Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) recently put his disputes with brother Caleb (William Ash) behind him. Caleb has now been welcomed into the family by drinking from the Dingle welly in the traditional way.

Cain wasn’t about to forgive him quickly, despite the fact that he consistently claimed that he intended to make amends with Moira and that he tried to do so as soon as possible.

After Caleb and Hard Man Harry (Robert Beck) had an altercation, Cain started to warm up to his brother, and ever since then, they have been progressively growing closer.

And that bond will be put to the test in forthcoming episodes when the two brothers embark on an enigmatic mission together.

They are enjoying a pint and some brotherly banter at the Woolpack when Cain receives a text. His mood is quickly affected by this, which we could not have predicted a few weeks ago. He asks Caleb if he’d like to leave the village for a little bit, but he won’t say where or why.

He encourages Caleb to come up with a defense they can use to defend Moira and Chas (Lucy Pargeter), and the brothers agree to stick together no matter what.

But where do they intend to go? Moira is not pleased to see her husband leaving with Caleb on their mysterious journey because she worries that Cain might be up to no good or that he might be in danger.

She learns from Nate that the task he claimed to be working on is a deception in a new spoiler clip, and she makes the decision to find out the truth.

Does she have a valid concern?

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