Emmerdale sex scam horror as Sandra sleeps with Rishi and plots to steal his money

Sandra has been nothing but problems ever since she re-entered her daughter Liv’s lives.

But when she gets to know the folks of Emmerdale next week, it seems like her cunning tactics are not about to catch up with her any time soon.

Mandy keeps a watch on Sandra during the workweek because she thinks the tip jar’s money is missing. She eventually tells an offended Liv about her suspicions.

Sandra’s ears perk up as she learns that Rishi has received an unanticipated fortune that he was unaware of.

Sandra later makes a show of depositing Rishi’s tip money into the jar because she believes Mandy is probably on to her.

However, Mandy decides to covertly take out her CCTV camera equipment since she feels that something is off. She is desperate to find out what happened to the tips that went missing.

Soon, Rishi is astounded to receive a response to his new dating profile from a lady who is eager to get to know him.

Unaware that Sandra is actually the one who has created a profile and is out on the road weaving a web to capture him.

When the woman from his dating app cancels their planned meeting at the Woolpack, Rishi is devastated.

However, Sandra, who is all dressed up, intervenes after setting him up nicely and offers to be Rishi’s date instead.

Soon after, he takes Sandra up to his bedroom as they return to his house.

The next morning, Rishi is concerned about how this would appear, and Sandra takes advantage of his fears.

Cunning As Richi shyly offers Sandra an envelope of cash to make up for his behavior, Sandra has Richi where she wants him.

Sandra is surprised to find the concealed camera in the salon and she knows Mandy is now on to her as Rishi drowns his sorrows about the unplanned circumstance.

Will she be honest regarding the lost money?

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