Emmerdale ‘set for child cruelty plot’ as fans work out Beth’s sinister motive

After Dawn learned Beth’s secret daughter is living in squalor, Emmerdale viewers believe a serious child cruelty plot is about to hit the dales.

Viewers saw Dawn go to Beth’s burial and reunite with Jade, who was obviously high and pleaded with Dawn to go to her house after the funeral.

Dawn grudgingly consented but followed through, only to find a young girl dozing off in a dog bed.

She went to face Jade after being horrified by what she had seen, only to find her high on drugs on a sofa, surrounded by trash and food wrappers.

Jade asserted that she was doing her best and that she was fine without her assistance after knowing that the girl was Beth’s and that she had nowhere else to go.

Dawn, however, was horrified by what she witnessed and vowed to report Jade to social services if she didn’t permit her to remove the child from her custody.

Will Dawn save her friend’s kid from a life of misery? One viewer yelled, “Call social services right away!”

Another person remarked, “Dawn… you should have fled out the back door… now that you’ve seen that child, you realize you can’t just leave…

“Omg that is child cruelty get her out of there Dawn!” echoed a third.

Dawn tried to call social services after that, but her male buddy grabbed it and threw it away.

Dawn donated £40 and was made to give up her shoes before being permitted to take Clemmie home because she was determined not to leave the young child in her care.

Billy, her boyfriend, met her at home and was astounded to hear her account.

Angry, he cautioned her to contact social services right away since she might be charged of kidnapping.

Dawn told Billy she wanted to wait another night before calling social services after thinking back to Jade’s assurance to Beth that she wouldn’t place her in foster care. Dawn then started to reflect on her own experiences with social services.

Fans further speculated that Dawn would be in trouble for taking Clemmie home without authorization after she agreed to keep her for one night.

“#Emmerdale Dawn is a fool. She ought to have left right away and secretly called social services. They’ll return repeatedly in search of more cash. Does she ever learn?” a viewer questioned.

And this is where Dawn comes through and takes the child home… Later, she gets arrested for abduction.

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