Emmerdale : Rishi Sharma’s new lover unveiled as history repeats itself

Since Charles Anderson and the problematic Meena Jutla arrived and ended his romance with Manpreet Sharma, Rishi hasn’t been seen very often.

The renowned Emmerdale character was a part of a brief storyline earlier this year when his son Jai Sharma’s severe financial difficulties had an affect on his health.

In upcoming scenes from the ITV soap opera, it appears he will be sidetracked by a new partner, but she could get him into the same trouble that his ex-wife Manpreet did.

In the episodes airing the following week, the drama starts as Mandy Dingle struggles to figure out what game Sandra Flaherty is playing.

She believes Liv Flaherty’s mother has stolen money after it started disappearing from the tip jar at the salon.

Bernice Blackstock watches as Sandra meets Rishi at the salon while she expresses her concerns to her daughter-in-law (Samantha Giles).

She begins to plot against him as soon as she learns that his bank account has received an unexpected infusion of cash.

Rishi leaves Sandra a tip after he is done, and in order to make a point and get Mandy to stop bothering her, Sandra deposits the cash in the jar in front of the Dingle icon.

Mandy installs some CCTV software in an effort to try and catch the miscreant in the act because she is baffled as to who could have stolen the tip money.

Rishi leaves the salon after getting everything taken care of and gets ready for a date after recently signing up for some dating apps.

When he receives a response from someone who is eager to meet him but doesn’t know it’s Sandra, he is shocked.

She’s been trying to get her hands on as much cash as she can since she came back to the village a few weeks ago.

She has him believe he is going on a date at the Woolpack before abruptly canceling in an effort to draw Rishi in.

Invading and looking glam, Sandra offers to keep Rishi company in the hopes that now that she has exposed his vulnerability, he will be more forthcoming with her.

After returning to Rishi’s home, the two quickly introduce their new friend to the bedroom, with the beloved character leading the way.

Rishi worries about how it will appear to others when he wakes up the following morning because they have only known each other for one day.

Sandra takes advantage of his insecurities and, by the end of their conversation, she has persuaded him to give her an envelope containing money.

As Sandra continues to steal money that is not hers, Rishi drowns his sorrows.

However, could she eventually use her relationship with Rishi to her advantage by using blackmail to force him to pay her more money to keep quiet?

Rishi might think he has found a new lover and be blissfully happy, completely unaware that he is being deceived.

But given that Manpreet used to spend all of her husband’s money on shopping because she had an addiction, history would be repeating itself.

Given the amount of debt she left him with after maxing out all of his credit cards, the doctor agreed to reimburse her.

Will Rishi realize he is making the same error this time, or will Sandra once more play the fool with his eyes?

Hollywood star Bhasker, who plays Rishi, has spoken out about his role and how someone could easily take advantage of his good nature.

Says Bhasker “Rishi is a very upbeat individual who comes from a hardworking family, so we could be friends.

“Rishi came from nothing, built his business from scratch, raised a family, and followed his ambition.

“He has always taken care of others and given them protection. Someone like Rishi in my life would be wonderful “said the soap opera star.

The actor, who has spent ten years as his alter ego in the soap, has also discussed what he hopes will happen to that persona in the future.

Bhasker clarified: “That’s a difficult one! I understand that “Emmerdale” is a vast tapestry and that I am just a small thread in it, but now that Rishi no longer owns the factory, it would be nice to start a different venture.

“He might join the Woolpack as a partner! She’s a no-nonsense woman, so I don’t think he would get along with her well in the Woolpack, and I’m not sure how Chas and Rishi would get along “He revealed it to Inside Soap Magazine.

The actor also mentioned some locations where people can recognize him in public, adding: “There are a few places, including a few hotel urinals!

“However, there was a recent incident in a supermarket where someone simply followed me around.

They could only see my eyes because I was wearing a mask, but I drew his attention, and he exclaimed, “Ah, ha! Therefore, they did let you to leave Emmerdale village.

And I couldn’t believe it because I hadn’t even spoken.

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