Emmerdale Rishi Sharma star Bhasker Patel’s real life from rival soap stint, Only Fools and Horses, and talented daughters

Bhasker Patel, an Emmerdale actor, is well known for his portrayal of Rishi Sharma in the venerable ITV soap opera.

Since entering in 2011, Rishi has established himself as a fan favorite. He was Georgia Sharma’s ex-husband. He is the father of Jai, Nikhil, and Priya Sharma, as well as the grandpa to Mia, Archie, Molly, Amba, and Eliza.

After learning about Rishi Sharma’s unexpected windfall, Sandra Flaherty has been focusing on him in recent scenes in an effort to get some money. It occurs soon after his marriage to Manpreet Sharma came to an end and a minor health incident.

Off-screen actor Bhasker Patel enjoys a considerably simpler life than his on-screen character, who has been at the center of much of the soap opera drama.

Here is everything we know about Bhasker Patel, a star of Rishi Sharma, in his life outside of the Dale.

What else has Bhasker Patel been in?

Bhasker Patel has a lengthy and illustrious acting resume. Although his current role as Rishi Sharma is the one for which he is most known, he has also previously acted in a number of other shows, including Holby City, The Bill, Spooks, Only Fools and Horse, Birds of a Feather, Coronation Street, My Family, Skins, and Doctor Who, to mention a few.

Bhasker’s family life

Bhasker is a devoted family man who loves to spend time with his loved ones when he is not filming. The actor, a father of two, is quite active on social media and frequently posts pictures of his beautiful girls to his 18K followers.

He most recently attended his daughter Maya’s graduation at Camberwell College of Arts, where she earned her BA in painting.

Bhasker, beaming with joy, shared a glamorous photo of Maya wearing her cap and gown with the message, “So proud of our beautiful daughter Maya celebrating her graduation ceremony,” and a series of heart emojis.

At the British Soap Awards earlier this year, Bhakser flaunted his second daughter Kiri as well. Kiri earned a distinction in musical theater during her graduation, which inspired her soap dad to write a touching remark on his page.

The performer gushed: “I’ve been crying tears of joy at my daughter Kiri’s incredible test results after such a challenging year. I’m really proud of you; receiving a distinction in music is an accomplishment to be cherished. It’s time to start a brand-new chapter, learning musical theater. Enjoy every moment!”.

Bhasker’s charity work

The actor prioritizes his family and work above all else, but he also devotes a lot of time to supporting issues that are important to him.

Back in February, Bhasker spearheaded a campaign to increase public awareness of male sexual assault by collaborating with the organization SurvivorsUK, which provides support to boys and men who have experienced sexual abuse.

In the recently released film SAFE, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Dan Lowenstein, Bhasker chronicled the tale of a guy who had been abused. The film follows three men at various phases of their lives who all share a similar abuse narrative.

Vic Zander, who starred in Emmerdale, and Isaac Money, who starred in the critically acclaimed movie Cat Skin, joined Bhasker.

“Working alongside Dan, House of Create, the Media Trust, and the great actors on this project was such a delightful experience,” said Meka Beresford, Digital Communications Officer at SurvivorsUK.

“Dan honestly poured his heart and mind into making a movie that captures the suffering of so many sexual abuse survivors,” says one of the film’s critics.

We are hopeful that this movie will significantly contribute to people’s understanding of the effects that sexual assault can have on males while also drawing attention to the existence of support services like SurvivorsUK.

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