Emmerdale Rhona actress ‘didn’t want Marlon’s surname’ due to co-star husband link

According to Emmerdale’s Zoe Henry, she did not want Rhona to take on her real-life husband’s character’s last name, the Dingles.

With whom she has two children, Zoe Henry is wed to Cain Dingle actor Jeff Hordley outside of the Dales.

However, in future scenes set to air the following week, her character Rhona Goskirk is getting ready to wed Marlon Dingle.

Zoe recently stated that she had a very personal reason for not wanting Rhona to adopt the Dingle surname in an exclusive interview with Daily Star and other media.

“I don’t want to share my real husband’s last name on the show. Anyway, she avoids becoming a Dingle, thus my wish has come true.”

She explained that keeping the character’s name as Rhona was also appropriate given Rhona’s prior marriages to Paddy Kirk and Pierce Harris, saying: “She has never altered her name, so I gave this a lot of attention.

“She’s been a Goskirk all her life. A Goskirk, Leo. Her mother is now present, and she has not changed.

“She keeping her name is something I like. Kirk or Harris are not her alternate names.”

However, Zoe stated that Rhona does not mind joining the family but would not be adopting some of the Dingle family customs at the impending wedding because Rhona is getting ready to marry Marlon Dingle and into one of the most illustrious clans in Emmerdale history.

“A little bit of Dingle material doesn’t bother me too much, though. No welly swilling!”

One of the most eagerly anticipated events in the soap opera is Rhona and Marlon’s wedding, but things do not appear to be going according to plan the day after Marlon is admitted to the hospital the night before their big day.

Although Paddy Kirk, the best man, is there to help, viewers are left on edge as they wait to see if he can get Marlon to the chapel in time.

Marlon actor Mark Charnock remarked of their forthcoming marriage: “By far, this is the nicest wedding. It’s just wonderful, and Rhona and Marlon are “as solid a pair as could be,” he continued “.

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