Emmerdale reveals sad struggle for Rishi after Jai adoption bombshell

If Rishi Sharma wants to win back his son Jai in Emmerdale, he will need to put in some effort.

In subsequent moments, it was revealed that Jai’s mother Georgia had originally moved in with someone else before Rishi later adopted him, which naturally rocked the character to his core.

Jai is enraged and won’t let go of decades of deceit, especially because Rishi still seems to be hiding information related to this bombshell.

In forthcoming episodes of the soap, Manpreet begs Rishi to tell his kid the whole truth about his biological parents while also assuring him that he has been a wonderful father figure to Jai throughout his life.

Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana, a recent addition to the Yorkshire Dales, recently stated his happiness at playing Suni in the ITV soap.

It is strange to watch the show now after growing up watching it with my parents. I want to express my gratitude to everyone here for making me feel so welcome.

“Confident, alluring, and well aware of fashion, Suni is eager to add some flair to the Emmerdale village. He has no problem being honest to himself and pursuing his goals in life.

I think Emmerdale does a wonderful job of accurately portraying genuine people and expressing their authentic tales, he continued.

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