Emmerdale reveals Faith Dingle’s role in ex-husband’s death – and her secret family

On Tuesday night, Emmerdale unveiled information about Faith Dingle’s hidden history, including some relatives she hadn’t mentioned to anyone.

With the aid of her grandson Nate Robinson, Faith put a plan into motion to reclaim what was once hers.

She revealed that she had previously been married to Shadrach Dingle as she and Nate approached a mysterious home.

She was at odds with Eileen, her stepdaughter, who had asserted that Faith had only wed her father for his wealth.

She admitted to Nate that while this was true, she did end up falling in love with her ex—only for him to pass away.

As the show progressed, Faith amusingly revealed facts about her husband’s passing while defending herself against claims that she was the cause of his passing.

Everything began when Faith revealed that Eileen was now deceased and that she intended to enter her husband’s house under the pretense that she was seeking the money she was owed.

She stunned her stepdaughter’s husband with tales of them being like sisters but growing apart after pretending to be close friends with Eileen.

Faith’s fictitious name was unknown to him, and when Nate revealed her genuine identity, he became furious with her and refused to give her what she wanted.

Additionally, he claimed that Faith was the “wicked stepmother” who “ruined” the lives of her family, saying: “Eileen detested you. You destroyed her life. Thanks to your bizarre behavior, she lost her father before he should have.”

However, Faith was compelled to come clean about her ex-genuine partner’s cause of death and admit she wasn’t to blame.

No, he overexerted himself in the heat of passion; it was unrelated to me, specifically, she added.

Faith had revealed to Nate earlier in the show that her spouse had passed out during a private moment with her.

She said, “I think he’d still be with us if he hadn’t been so keen on a spot of afternoon fun of a weekend.

I’m not sure if it was my clothes, his outfit, the heat of the afternoon, or anything else, but the thrill was too much. The unfortunate soul’s heart recently passed away.

Naturally, she placed the blame on me and challenged the will, making damn sure I didn’t receive a thing.

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