Emmerdale reveals double baby twist as Charity Dingle confirms she’s pregnant

On Wednesday night, Emmerdale shocked viewers by revealing Charity Dingle’s real motivations for visiting the abortion facility.

When Charity first arrived, she ran into Amelia Spencer, a pregnant teenage girl, and immediately offered to help.

Charity responded that she was being examined for fibroids as Amelia inquired as to what she was doing at the clinic.

The reality wasn’t revealed until the very end of the show, when Charity was overheard admitting to being pregnant.

Viewers soon realized that she was concealing both the pregnancy and her desire for an abortion from her partner Mack Boyd.

Charity was overheard telling Mack that she wanted “more pickles” when he volunteered to go out and get them both takeout.

Mack responded by saying “anyone would think she was pregnant,” but he is unaware of the truth.

As the episode came to a conclusion, Charity was overheard saying that while she was supposed to get an abortion that day, she decided not to go because she stayed with Amelia, who was also having pregnancy problems.

On the phone, Charity fought back tears as she requested to reschedule her own termination.

As she attempted to counsel Amelia earlier in the episode, Charity thought about parenting and her previous teen pregnancies.

Amelia seemed to imply that Noah, Charity’s son, was the father, and this is the first person she has told about the pregnancy.

In the days before Noah’s release from prison, Charity was enraged and unsure of how to respond.

While Amelia was obviously having second thoughts about her own plans for an abortion, she asked the adolescent not to inform anybody about the paternity of her pregnant child for the time being.

Amelia became upset prior to her plans for the procedure the following day since she thought she could feel the baby moving about.

Amelia and Charity’s decision to proceed with the treatment is still up in the air, as is the likelihood that anybody else will find out the truth.

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