Emmerdale reveals catastrophic storm will rip through village in deadly 50th episodes

For the 50th anniversary episodes of Emmerdale, viewers will witness a disastrous wind storm batter the village, putting lives in danger.

Bosses have now stated that most characters will be involved in some form, with some expected to suffer from significant injuries, in light of recent cast members’ death-related teases.

Characters are in great danger, producers Jane Hudson and Kate Brooks revealed to The Mirror and other media when information was finally validated.

As the storm decimates the community and the lives of those who dwell there, filming for the series of stunts is currently taking place.

While specific details about the plot are being kept under wraps, it is known that everyone will play a part in some fashion, with Harriet Finch, Nate Robinson, Sam Dingle, Amelia Spencer, and Belle Dingle all mentioned in connection with major sequences.

We’re all quite thrilled about the 50th, Kate teased as she described the next moments. I believe it is a tremendous honor to take part in this enormously large celebration. Making sure that what is seen on screens is going to be great and that you guys will appreciate it as much as we have enjoyed making it has taken a lot of time and effort.

Although there is a general month of celebrations, the main 50th week will focus on a huge storm that will absolutely leave a massive trail of destruction in its wake and smash through the hamlet.

“Some of the villagers we love the most will be in danger. Since this storm has such a significant impact on people’s life, it is safe to state that the town literally won’t be the same after this and it will never be the same again.

“That’s our big set piece stunt, then. It goes without saying that there will also be major stories throughout all of this that will peak in October.

The Woolpack and Home Farm are two significant focal points, as Jane has already mentioned.

“We want to make sure that we’ve covered all the major players and that the events that take place in the village’s October are felt by all the families living there.

“When it comes to filming, what we’re doing at the scale that we are is quite unparalleled. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking to be a part of the Big Storm Week because I believe there are aspects of it that I haven’t seen on a soap before.”

Jane tacked on “Thus, the entire storm occurs over the course of three or four episodes in one day. And

It’s all during the day. It primarily consists of wind instead of rain.

“While the incredible wind machines we are testing right now are incredible, using them is a pain.

“And I believe that every story that has been shared this month is one that we have been developing for the entire year; nothing has been crammed in. Characters play a major role in all of the stories and have an effect.

“I think it will feel very different from [the last storm we experienced], because it affects so many of our families,” the speaker said

Since the storm hits the entire town rather than just a tiny portion of it, I predict that it will feel different in general and that one element in particular will feel very different.

There is one aspect that, in my opinion, no one else has handled, and Emmerdale is the only soap that could handle it given our location.

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