Emmerdale OPINION: We need some happiness – all this misery is too much

Emmerdale’s constant unhappiness is slowly killing us all.

How much depressing trauma can a village hold? At this rate, Pompei is starting to look good.

Today, watching an episode of the soap with a Yorkshire setting is like going to therapy where they urge you to feel very depressed.

We never would have imagined from the state of the Dales’ pity party that misery enjoys company.

Leyla’s drug abuse and the ensuing conflict with the ostensibly menacing drug dealer are now taking place.

Her husband, the highly educated doctor, has so far been blissfully unconscious of what is precisely going on right under his and her nose while she is striking out at everyone near to her.

But now that she has overdosed and is threatening to leave their marriage, he knows. thus, more suffering!

Speaking of, let’s discuss Chas Dingle’s most blatant liaison with Al Chapman.

If it weren’t so shady, it would be comical.

Emmerdale must quickly become more upbeat.

There are only so many strolls one can take in a tight red dress and high heels until even the trustworthy Paddy starts to wonder what’s wrong.

If the two of them had any chemistry, that would be one thing, but they don’t and are among the most repulsive people to ever tarnish the community.

Combining them makes the phrase “gruesome twosome” completely insufficient.

Add an adolescent pregnancy to all of that.

Who doesn’t enjoy a whodunnit involving possible statutory rape, after all?

Give us courage!

Simply put, everything is unpleasant, miserable, and depressing. Even though the real world isn’t much better, there is still hope there.

You would be searching Dignitas on Google in Emmerdale if you got sick in that community.

Ironically, terminally ill Faith Dingle is the only way out of the utter sadness that is creeping into the Dales with every passing episode.

She is in a wonderful mood.

You would be, though, wouldn’t you? being aware that your stay in Miserydale is about to end.

Any happiness would be appreciated!

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