Emmerdale OPINION: 6 things that NEED to happen before the year is over

Next month, Emmerdale will mark its 50th anniversary, and there are many storylines that need to be resolved.

However, it might also be difficult to notice the true drama because there are so many threads hanging around the village.

Here are the six things that must be accomplished before the year is out.

Chas and Al exposed

Typically, soap operas, particularly Emmerdale, have a redeeming characteristic.

Al and Chas lack any.

What they did to Chas—who wasn’t actually all that nice to begin with—is blatantly disrespectful.

But it’s absolutely immoral for her to be having an affair with the man who blew up her house, her life, and her business.

And for that reason, the situation must be fully revealed – not in the Belle learning manner.

An explosive and frightening reveal.

Paddy dumps Chas

Paddy will eventually have to choose between having some self-respect and leaving his dishonest, lying, and cheating wife or staying and becoming an even bigger victim.

Viewers have seen how Chas completely embarrassed her loving spouse.

If the soap opera cares at all about its audience, it will provide them with the scene of Paddy throwing Chas to the ground where she belongs.

Meena returns to kill again

A comeback has never been so sorely required as it is now that Kim Tate has returned to the hamlet.

The serial murderer supreme gave the soap opera drama, mayhem, and entertainment when it had been sorely lacking for so long.

Meena, unlike other serial killers, truly enjoyed murdering, and this was evident on screen.

Really, truly, the soap needs that back.

Release her!

Jamie Tate story needs to END

We never imagined that we would ever want a Tate narrative to come to a conclusion, yet here we are.

The polite veteran who pretended to die to get away from his domineering mother is now a checks notes insane attempted murderer.

And, it appears, on the way to Rotterdam.

Without Millie, the reason he had pretended to die, Exactly.

It’s perfectly fine to murder him or kill us at this point. End it already, please.

Chloe’s dad needs to be revealed

The likelihood that Chloe’s father was only a random story device to introduce his daughter, who was also a random plot device, into the town is growing at this point.

He appears to be a major gangster. Additionally, he was so overbearing of Chloe that she was always being followed.

However, after hearing just two words from her, he expelled her and dumped her like hot oil in a skillet.

Doesn’t really make sense unless he has ties to the community and will soon be disclosed, which is unlikely.

It must happen in order for it to be worthwhile.

Mack’s mystery lover exposed

With all of the recent stunning revelations more to come, Emmerdale isn’t exactly glorifying itself.

Mack’s unidentified lover is a case in point.

Yes, he cheated on Charity Dingle with an unnamed person who has only been referred to as “them.”

They reside in the village and enter the Woolpack.

We must find out about this soon because we can no longer put up with this crap.

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