Emmerdale OPINION: 6 reasons Al Chapman needs to die in the 50th anniversary storm

The ITV soap opera Emmerdale is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a bumper month of big episodes.

We know exactly who we want to die, and big anniversaries mean big death tolls.

Thus, we are left with one undeniable reality.

Al Chapman needs to die in Emmerdale

Let’s be honest: He just does.

He has been the village’s one-man wrecking ball ever since he came, adding nothing but minor annoyance.

Al must be killed; simply ejecting him is insufficient.

We all need to do it in order to ensure that he won’t bother us again.

Paddy needs to find out – and then realise the affair is with a dead man

At the best of times, affair revelations are combustible, but there would be no spectacular altercation in this situation.

Paddy won’t prevail in a fist fight with Al Chapman, no matter how skilled he is with a syringe filled with horse tranquilizers.

Therefore, let’s avoid that awkwardness and have Paddy learn about the liaison after Al has passed away.

His anger was directed solely upon Chas, who would be the target of his destruction.

That would be an exciting reveal.

Chas would lose her mum AND Al

This would be tragic for a more likable figure.

The same cannot be said for Al, despite the fact that viewers are heartbroken that Faith is passing away.

There would be street celebrations!

And it would be chefs kiss to watch Chas struggle to cope with the loss of both her mother and the loser with whom she is having an affair.

Chas wouldn’t be able to grieve properly

Imagine Chas breaking down while fully understanding that she needs to conceal her pain.

She’s been deceiving her spouse and her family for so long that she shouldn’t have any issues with telling more falsehoods.

But at some time, even Chas would lose his cool.

She would subsequently become completely destitute.

The full fallout would be dramatic

Nothing in Emmerdale quite hits the mark like an affair reveal, especially when done well.

The results are always dramatic, whether it’s a careless error or a carefully planned revelation.

It’s also inevitable that the village will turn against Chas given that Paddy is such a likeable villager and that Chas is the level below Demon Harridan.

Imagine the fan favorite Queen of Vile experiencing the full force of the karma she has released into the universe.

She is genuinely alone if Al is gone.

Cain would disown Chas

The Dingles aren’t exactly the most moral of families, but even they have their bounds, according to the soap gods.

For crying out loud, they force newcomers to drink from an old welly—sadists come to mind.

However, they excel at kicking people out of the family for trivial reasons, which is precisely what must happen to Chas.

Al is actually their adversary.

Paddy is a true Dingle, and what she has done to him is abhorrent.

Cain must therefore summon a Dingle court and order her to leave. Give her some time to survive on her own.

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