Emmerdale Nicola’s attacker finally exposed in police twist after tragic breakdown

Emmerdale’s Nicola King has been frightened that her attackers may return since the terrible attack that occurred in June.

Nicola is determined to take back control of her life and identify her perpetrators despite her awful ordeal.

Emmerdale spoilers state that Nicola will have to tell Jimmy about the attack’s effects on her mental health and how it has continued to left her shaken the following week because she knows he will be returning home soon.

Nicola initially makes an effort to dodge the discussion by showing up for work at the café.

Soon after hearing Nicola’s admission, Jimmy is shaken and decides to support her during her difficult time.

As she works to understand what happened to her and how she may begin to feel a sense of normalcy once more, Nicola grows more resilient and grateful for Jimmy’s encouragement.

At home, Nicola posts the attack’s footage and asks for information about her perpetrators.

Jimmy reluctantly agrees with Nicola’s plan to make her ordeal public, despite the fact that she seems reasonably sure in her strategy.

Nicola is determined to find and punish the girls responsible for her attack as the footage of the incident gains more and more attention online and in the neighborhood.

Bernice is startled by Nicola’s strategy after learning that she shared the video of her attack online.

Nicola calls PC Swirling with the information she has discovered and, thankfully, is soon armed with the name of one of her attackers.

But does she already know one of her attackers?

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