Emmerdale next week: Matty’s revenge, Billy’s paternity bombshell and Mary makes move

Fans of Emmerdale are in for another exciting week as Leyla Harding gets into problems due to her involvement with drug dealers.

Suzy Merton is the subject of retaliation on the ITV soap, and Billy Fletcher and Dawn Taylor are squabbling over Clemmie’s custody.

Faith Dingle, a terminally sick character on The Dales, commits a surprise robbery.

Here is what viewers of the ITV soap can anticipate seeing next week on Emmerdale.

Matty’s revenge on Suzy leaves villager in danger

Callum, a drug dealer, shows up at Take A Vow and offers Leyla money in exchange for storing drugs. When Leyla contacts Callum to accept his position, she realizes she has overstepped the mark as Take A Vow’s financial concerns increase.

Leyla is concerned the following day when Callum shows up with a bag of narcotics that is significantly greater than the amount she agreed to store, but she is confused of what to do when he pays her extra.

In later scenes, Suzy asks Callum if Leyla is still scoring when she is startled to see him outside Take A Vow. Matty is in awe as he stands back and thinks he is seeing a drug trade.

Later, when Matty sneakily investigates Take A Vow, he is horrified to discover a sizable holdall filled with drugs. He takes the holdall out of panic and runs away.

The following day, Matty is determined to get Suzy to accept accountability for her deeds. When he seizes the chance to place the holdall containing the pills inside Suzy’s car, he is pleased with himself.

Furious Matty phones the police to report Suzy for drug possession following yet another altercation with her.

When Callum comes back to Take A Vow and Leyla can’t find the medications, she becomes agitated. When Callum threatens to absolve himself of responsibility if Leyla doesn’t locate the missing pills before the end of the day, she becomes frightened.

Dawn and Billy vow to get Clemmie back

Will is concerned because Dawn is having a hard time since Clemmie left, and he advises Dawn to get in touch with social services for an update on Clemmie to help her feel better.

Dawn makes the shocking discovery that Alex, the father of Lucas, is also the father of Clemmie in later scenes next week.

She feels betrayed as she realizes Alex must have been having a secret relationship with Beth.

Dawn determines that Clemmie and Lucas should be reared together after learning they are half-siblings; Billy agrees and has already contacted social services.

Social services inform Dawn and Billy that they must obtain Alex’s consent in order to foster Clemmie, so they pay him a visit in jail.

After a challenging conversation, Alex seems to be on board with the concept, but does he have another reason?

Faith carries out shock robbery

Faith sets out on a mission to retrieve some items from the residence of her ex-stepdaughter Eileen.

She is received by Eileen’s partner Angus when she arrives at the residence, who sends her on her way.

The following day, Faith uses her fallback strategy and poses as a photographer for a real estate agent, giving her the opportunity to enter the property and obtain what she requires.

A box of memories that Faith has stolen back ultimately brings Chas, Cain, and Nate together, but will the law be able to catch up with her?

Mary makes a move on Vanessa

Mary confides in Vanessa about her sexual orientation. Mary goes in for a kiss after mistaking Vanessa’s generosity for romantic interest.

Mary later decides it’s time to confide in Rhona once more.

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