Emmerdale newcomer soap fans may recognise from Coronation Street

Thursday’s episodes of Emmerdale brought some new characters as Dawn attended the funeral of her late friend Beth.

Dawn was distraught on Wednesday’s episode after learning that her best friend had passed away from an overdose.

Beth, the buddy, had never been mentioned before, but she told Kim that they had become close while they were both “on the game.”

Dawn claimed that Beth “always had her back” and that without her, she couldn’t have survived.

She remarked that she, Beth, and a another girl named Jade had been “like family” before telling Billy that she had to attend Beth’s funeral.

Billy wanted to accompany her, but she refused and stated she would prefer to go alone because it was a part of her past she was ashamed of.

Jade approached Dawn during the service and stated, “You look the same, gentler,” to which Dawn responded, “I used to wear too much makeup.”

Dawn didn’t really want to return to Jade’s house for a drink, but Jade coerced her.

When Dawn returned to Jade’s apartment, she saw a young child dozing off in the kitchen on a dog bed while Jade smoked marijuana in the adjacent room.

Abigail Uttley, who played Jade, is a familiar face to some Coronation Street viewers.

In a handful of episodes from the previous year, Abigail played Naomi, Adam Barlow’s ex-girlfriend.

In 2012, she also played Cherry, a lap dancer who showed up at the Rovers in search of Se7enth Hea7en, where she was scheduled for an audition.

Abigail has also appeared on television in Cold Feet, The Royal Today, and Doctors.

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