Emmerdale: Meena needs to return and kill these 6 characters

There is an issue in Emmerdale, but Meena Jutla’s return would make it simple to fix.

The village is currently filled with a good deal of dullness and deadwood.

Meena must now break out of prison and arrive to murder these six characters.

David Metcalfe

David has started making advances toward Victoria Sugden, a member of Emmerdale’s royal family, as if cheating on every partner he’s ever had wasn’t terrible enough.

Even her grandma Annie’s prized property was sold under his influence to help him out of his financial bind.

Meena must come back like an angel of retribution for that reason alone and take him out where he stands.

Jamie Tate

Even if he may no longer reside in the village, Meena might as well take a vacation while she’s at it if she’s going to go to the trouble of breaking out of jail.

The constant concerns that Jamie would someday return to Emmerdale would be eliminated.

Additionally, Meena would be put to a suitable end when Kim learns what she did and unleashes the wrath of a thousand suns on the serial killer.

Sam Dingle

It would, at the very least, be a mercy for Emmerdale viewers.

We would avoid another caravan-related tale. Or Sam may be a clueless gamekeeper who steals covertly from Kim Tate’s property.

Sam may still be needed in some villages, but he has outstayed his welcome.

Kerry Wyatt

Frank was murdered, and she got away with it.

Enter Meena to take care of the revenge for the soap gods if they aren’t willing to do it themselves.

She’s also maybe one of the most obnoxious soap opera characters ever.

Chas Dingle

Could there be someone else on the list after the recent events in Emmerdale?

It’s time to put down Our Lady of Terminal Awfulness, and Meena should be allowed to have pleasure in it.

No nonsense about leaving her in a burning building; just a normal bridge dive and rock job.

Paid justice, etc.

A Dingle – ANY Dingle

Since there are so many Dingles in the community, Meena needs to return to Emmerdale so she may compassionately remove them.

Or not. It’s not necessary to be so kind.

We’ll be content as long as she slices through the clan like a hot knife through butter or a chill through the House of Lords.

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