Emmerdale ‘Meena’ horror as Charles is brutally attacked in devastating scenes

Next week, when Naomi Walters seemingly attacks her father Charles Anderson, some residents in Emmerdale are left speechless.

But is Manpreet Sharma right when she says that Naomi’s behavior is reminiscent of that of her sister Meena Jutla, who is currently serving a murder sentence?

Following her brother Ethan’s revelation to her and his request for a second chance about their father Charles, Naomi’s attitude becomes unreadable in later moments.

Charles is relieved when Naomi agrees to discuss matters with him later at church because he hopes they can resolve their disagreements quickly.

But soon after, Manpreet hears a dispute and, as she approaches the church, sees an irate and enraged Naomi come out and leave the structure.

Manpreet enters the church and is terrified to see Charles lying on the floor, unconscious.

Soon later, an alarmed Naomi rushes over after spotting an ambulance moving in the direction of the church. As Manpreet tends to an unconscious Charles, policewoman Harriet watches with concern.

After what transpired, Naomi is terrified to find out if Charles is alright. However, Manpreet becomes enraged by her presence and yells at her to leave them alone.

When Harriet detains Naomi on suspicion of assault for allegedly assaulting an unconscious Charles, Ethan, who has just arrived on the scene, is perplexed and unsure of how to interpret the circumstances.

A later update on Charles’ status is given to Manpreet and Ethan at the hospital. When Manpreet contrasts Naomi’s acts with those of her sister Meena, who is now doing time in prison for murder, Ethan is taken aback.

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