Emmerdale Matty Barton star’s life – finding love, tragic death and transgender role

Since making a comeback to Emmerdale in 2018, Ash Palmisciano’s Matty Barton has had a significant impact on the soap opera.

In his years away from the Dales, the character was said to have transitioned, making Ash Emmerdale’s first transgender actor and the soap opera’s first transgender character when the character returned to our screens.

In addition to being an actor, Ash is a poet, writer, and narrator. He uses his own YouTube channel to publish little poetry videos.

Despite dominating the soap industry, Ash’s real life isn’t as dramatic as his on-screen persona, but the upbeat actor frequently shares glimpses of his life with followers on social media.

Let’s look at Ash’s life away from the screen, from falling in love with a stunning girlfriend to experiencing a devastating death and becoming the face of transsexual performers in British soaps.

Transgender role

Grace Cassidy, who played the role from 2009 to 2012, left Emmerdale and was replaced by Ashley Palmisciano in 2018.

He was initially hired by the organisation All About Trans to counsel Emmerdale on their new transgender character.

The 32-year-old actor is the first transgender person to play a character on Emmerdale, and Matty, the character he plays, is the first one whose transition has been acknowledged in the show’s canon.

He explained: “I went along and the next thing is they asking me if I want to audition,” during his appearance on Lorraine.

Yeah, terrific, I thought. And now here I am.”

He later joined the soap opera’s cast on a full-time basis.

“I was an actress, I was doing bits and pieces in theater,” Ash said on This Morning.

“But you know how it is, I was collecting tickets and working as a full-time peasant at Warwick Castle, and my parents started saying, “Maybe you should focus on getting something else,” at that point.

It’s been barely over a year [on Emmerdale], and I have to continuously remind myself how great it is, he continued.

Finding love

The actor Ashley made a sweet New Year’s Eve photo of him and his girlfriend public when he posted it to Instagram.

Ash, who was dressed as Joe Exotic from Tiger King, grinned broadly at the camera while Shea Rowan, his blonde girlfriend, leaned on his shoulder.

“everyone a happy new year! I’m grateful that this girl was too kind to refuse me a drink even though I was dressed as Joe Exotic. I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year “He wrote the post’s caption.

Ash’s followers congratulated the couple on their Instagram debut and gave them happy new year’s wishes.

One supporter said, “That’s a wonderful photo of you two, happy new year.”

Happy New Year to you Ash, your girlfriend, and your family, said another. I sincerely hope you all have a fantastic evening.

Another added: “Happy new year to you too!! I adore you both.

Tragic death

When he broke the devastating news of his mother’s passing earlier this year, Ash was forthright about it.

The Matty Barton actor posted a selfie with his beaming mother from a recent vacation along with the news of his terrible loss on Instagram.

“Still can’t believe you’re not with us mom, I’m simply starting everyday like you did,” he said to the crowd.

with a warm beverage, love, hope, and optimism!

“Micki, you are my mum, my biggest inspiration and role model. I miss you every day.”

Fans and other performers instantly flooded the actor with messages of encouragement.

“Sending all the love to you and your family bro,” wrote Emmerdale’s Ethan Anderson, played by Emile John.

Emmerdale’s Priya Sharma, played by actress Fiona Wade, said: “So much love to you sweetie.”

Dean Andrews, a star of Life on Mars, wrote: “Much love mate.”


When the actor went out to a party with friends last month, he flaunted a “fierce” new appearance.

Ash star attended Mighty Hoopla, an annual celebration in London’s Brockwell Park with a 90s and 2000s theme that promotes diversity.

Ash can be seen in an Instagram selfie with girlfriend Shea Rowan sporting a patterned shirt with the sleeves rolled up and unzipped to display his chest tattoo.

His left eye is surrounded by pink glitter.

Shea had comparable glitter on her face and was sporting a Britney t-shirt. Ash’s Emmerdale co-stars couldn’t help but compliment his appearance.

With a heart-eyes emoji, Priya Sharma actor Fiona Wade said, “Love!” The actor who plays Mackenzie Boyd merely said, “Fierce!!!!!”

The star’s admiration from the public was swift. Have a fantastic weekend, you two gorgeous people, Lydia Hope hurriedly remarked in the comments area.

exclaimed Emily West: “Oh my God, how come you two are so stylish? I U U U BOTH. Well done on the adorable tiny clothing. A wonderful time.”

Lovely photo of you two, commented Joanne Griffiths.

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