Emmerdale: Marcus Dean to claim his first victim in the village

Marcus Dean, the newcomer to EMMERDALE, may have inherited his father’s wicked tendencies after all, according to a theory put forward by Express.co.uk following Friday night’s episode of the ITV soap.

Marcus (Darcy Grey) has been trying for years not to be like his late father, Pierce Harris (Jonathan Wrather), and he’s been trying to prove it to people like Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) since he arrived in Emmerdale. With the pressure off him now that the ITV soap’s locals have begun to see past their prejudices, the newcomer has formed a bond with his love interest, Ethan Anderson (Emile John). Unfortunately, a recent notion says that this romance may not work out and that one of them may die as a result.

The hint was provided on Friday night’s program, as the two had already had their first hot encounter earlier this week.

When they ran into each other in the village, this was still on both of their thoughts, and they were quite wary of each other.

“”I was considering contacting you,” Ethan explained to the dashing visitor, adding, “but I couldn’t decide if I’d waited long enough since yesterday.”

“However, since you’ve driven to my hamlet…” he started before being cut off by Marcus, who explained: “Actually, I’m on the phone.

“The café’s electrics are out,” he stated, making the lawyer very humiliated because he’d gotten the short end of the stick.

Marcus put Ethan’s worries at ease by telling him: “If you like, you can come over and assist me. With a fit assistance, you could definitely complete it in half the time.”

The vicar’s son, not one for spontaneity, answered, “I’ve got some papers my boss is waiting on.”

“So, get rid of it. Allow yourself to relax. Stress is a debilitating condition “The visitor made a strange comment, maybe hinting at what was to come.

Ethan quickly followed his love interest into the café to assist him with his work, ignoring all of his other commitments.

Although this could have been a casual remark, the fact that his father is a killer makes this a lot more suspect.

Since his arrival in the community, the newcomer has been nothing but charming, gaining the support of all of his new friends and neighbors.

There’s no way of knowing what route the character will take because he’s only been introduced in the last few months.

However, Express.co.uk has opted to portray him a killer in a new theory, claiming that he enjoys goading his victims, similar to Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu).

Marcus could be using his charm to progressively sway the once law-abiding villager to the bad side in this case with Ethan.

Ethan will gradually transform into a very different person when he fails to show up for work and prefers to spend all of his time with Marcus.

Marcus might have Ethan in the palm of his hands in a few months, and this could be the time when he strikes.

This would be the newcomer’s first victim in the community, and Ethan might not be the last to perish at the hands of the evil.

Of course, because the two had spent so much time together, the authorities will focus on him as their primary suspect.

Just like his father, the newcomer could be very manipulative and he could encourage the authorities to look at another person of interest.

As the investigation progresses and more lives are lost in the community, residents of the Dales may find themselves on the receiving end of the probe.

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