Emmerdale Mack’s mystery partner ‘revealed’ by fans – and it’s not a woman

Mackenzie Boyd from Emmerdale recently deceived Charity Dingle by having an alleged affair with an unknown partner who was thought to be a woman.

Fans, however, are now convinced that Mack, after telling Nate everything, actually fell into bed with a man who is well-known in the community.

Fans are certain that Mack may have had a sexual relationship with Aaron Dingle, whose comeback prior to the 50th anniversary of the serial opera was announced earlier this year after actor Danny Miller initially left after his appearance on I’m A Celeb.

Because they never saw the partner’s face, astute viewers realized that Mack has never referred to his partner as “she” but always as “them.”

Aaron and Mack have always clicked well, and they even exchanged flirtatious looks when he first appeared.

On Facebook, a commenter speculated: “I suppose Mack had a male partner. Perhaps Aaron. He always used the pronoun “they,” never “she.” merely a thought

“I did notice he kept referring to the individual as they,” one person said in agreement, “and I felt it was a bit unusual.”

However, Mack is bisexual; when he first got to the town, he was after Aaron, someone else commented. “There was definitely some chemistry between Mack and Aaron,” a second person agreed.

“Yes, I was curious as to why he kept using the pronoun they.” one more wrote.

Some admirers, however, were more certain that they had seen enough indications that his mystery person was a woman, stating: “Definitely a young female based on the hands!”

What about the woman’s perfectly manicured hand that reached over and knocked his phone out of his grasp, eh? Maybe three in a bed then, said the second.

“They made him inform Nate that it would be Tracy, which is why. Another viewer stated that she will soon return to the village.

However, producer Jane Hudson has revealed to the media that Danny Miller would be making a comeback: “Aaron’s back and how is he going to react when he finds out that his mum is having an affair with Paddy, whom he regards as a father?

“Will he find out that Sandra is not just about Liv? Over there, a big narrative is developing.”

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