Emmerdale Mack’s lover ‘revealed’ as one character ruled out after tense call

After hearing the heartbreaking news that they had experienced an ectopic pregnancy and lost their baby, Mack cheated on his partner Charity Dingle.

Fans have been clamoring to find out who he shared a bed with ever since he did so.

Theories have been circulating on social media, and fans have been keen to learn who he had an intimate relationship with.

Viewers of the soap opera were confident they knew who was behind the call after Mack received a revealing phone call from the individual – and who it can no longer be.

Just before his phone rang, Belle was in the room getting ready for his holiday with Charity.

While Charity and Belle were both out of the room when the phone came in, fans are certain it can’t be Belle because she had just been there.

Why are you calling me, I ask? Yep, I’m going on vacation, not that I need to explain anything to you, he fumed down the phone, speaking softly to avoid disturbing anyone.

“Look, you promised you’d be quiet so just stick to that, alright?” he continued before disconnecting up.

After Mack recently spoke with Nate about it, the public has been quite interested in learning who Mack may have had an affair with.

He smiled, “Nice try,” but he insisted on using the name. Nate pressed, though: “a somebody I know? Because it will eventually come out if it is someone from the area. Because she lived far away, I believed my secret was safe. Your secret will be revealed to you every day in the bar that Charity owns “as he voiced his worries to Mack.

Later, he added: “They promised, and I take them at their word. If this all came to light, they would stand to lose much more.”

Fans have been speculating about who it might be, and there are a ton of crazy suggestions about who he may have been in bed with. Some have even questioned if it might even be a man.

Fans, however, are confident they know who Mack slept with and turned to Twitter to express their beliefs following tonight’s dramatic phone chat.

One person commented, “Hmmm not Belle then, must be Chloe #Emmerdale,” while another wrote, “It’s interesting that after being stalked by Noah she is now pursuing Mack,” saying it was Chloe because of her arm and her nails.

Another added: “#Emmerdale She’s been with everyone else, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Mack had a one-night fling with Chas.” “Chloe ringing mack #emmerdale,” the fourth paragraph reads.

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